Individual Lessons


    Lessons are great for those aspiring to play drums for the first time or for those with a desire to improve and take it to the next level. Professional instruction can inspire, give freshness to a practice routine, and help with creative thinking. 

    Students can improve their abilities and expand their knowledge in different areas listed below.

-Time keeping

-Drum set up (ergonomics)



-Independence (Coordination or Interdependence)

-Different styles of drumming

-Efficient technique for hands and feet

(including the   Moeller Technique)

-Advanced rhythmic concepts such as beat displacement, poly rhythm and African rhythms for the drum set

    Private lessons are at Clifford’s studio in Northeast Portland, Oregon in the Alberta Arts district.  The studio is equipped with two drum sets as well as various percussion instruments, djembes, congas, darabouka (dunbek), dununs, Ghanaian drums (Ewe and Kpanlogo), cajon, bells and shakers.

     Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and each lesson is designed for each student. An experienced teacher has systems to help a student improve but also understands that the same approach will not work for every student.   One can learn to play the drums without any musical experience.   Work towards goals such as playing your favorite song or joining a band.  An experienced drummer can learn different approaches and techniques that help them climb from a plateau or generally improve their playing abilities and musicality.


About the Lessons