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2045 SE Ankeny St
Portland, OR, 97214


Sound and Rhythm teaches people of all ages and experience.  Absolute beginners or experienced players can find expert instruction at the Sound and Rhythm drumming studio.

Sound and Rhythm drumming studio offers African Drumming Circles & Classes, Private lessons  on drum set and hand drums, Performances,

Team Building, and School Programs.

Thoughts on drumming

Practice Drumming

Clifford Koufman

Over the years the way that I have practiced has changed. Here are a few tips that I find useful when working on a pattern or technique on drum set or the djembe. 

Practice at varying speeds and dynamic levels. We can get used to practicing and playing at specific speeds and levels of loud and soft. When we work on playing in the margins of slow, fast, loud and soft we can play with more comfort and expression. The goal being to play with ease at whatever tempo or dynamic level is being introduced. 

Have fun playing the drums!