We've been in Nashville for just about seven months and I've been fortunate enough to have many opportunities, learning experiences, as well as challenges. To be able to associate with some musicians that I admire has been incredible. I've been fortunate enough to perform with musical groups in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Texas. I got to jam with Roy "Futureman" Wooten, perform with one of my teachers, Bolokada Conde, and learn from some of the best. My first recording experience here at Jay's Place Recording Studio on Music Row was a positive experience in which I was able to chart songs and put percussion and drum set parts down for Tylere Roy's album. 

Musically I have a better idea what I want to improve upon which gives me more focus when practicing. I've also come to the realization that it is time to start my business, teaching practice, here in Nashville. Balancing the different aspects of my career will be important in creating a sustainable career. I hope that my process can help others that who have careers in a creative field or whose careers are not a clear cut path. 


Clifford KoufmanComment